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British artist Dave Gibbons began his comics career in 1973, when he started to contribute to the magazine 2000 A.D. by illustrating comics such as 'Harlem Heroes' and 'Rogue Trooper'. In 1982, he began drawing the 'Green Lantern' series. Artistic success came when he collaborated with Alan Moore on the critically acclaimed 'Watchmen' for D.C. comics in 1987. This book is a milestone in the re-evaluation of comic superheroes. Besides publishing 'Watchmen', he also worked together with Frank Miller on the Martha Washington series ('Give Me Liberty', 'Martha Washington Goes to War') and an alternative comic version of the Bible.

Dave Gibbons has recently taken to writing for comics, and has completed such projects as 'Batman Versus Predator', illustrated by Andy Kubert, and 'World's Finest', featuring Superman and Batman, illustrated by Steve Rude. He has also done work with electronic media, designing the world and characters used in the CD-ROM game 'Beneath a Steel Sky'.